My journey on the WUC Equine Academy, PHPP

We are all told, “live your life to the fullest”; I am here to do just that. My journey on the WUC Equine Academy, PHPP serves as a vessel to project my passions for riding, working towards my goals and always working hard in order to achieve my best.


My Delightful Summer So Far!

Summer update After finishing off a great first year at university I headed home where I have been lucky enough to ride a friend’s horse...

Start of summer holidays!

And just like that the first academic year is over, it's gone so fast it's crazy. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at both university...

Easter Break!

Hiya, I have been at home enjoying the glorious sunshine during the break and been working hard revising for my exams and uploading my...

Recent life update!

A life update, I’ve had a great start to the first half of semester B, I’ve been very busy with university work having interesting...

My Introduction

Hi, I am Megan and I am on my first year of the Integrated Master’s in Veterinary Physiotherapy. I am very grateful and excited to be on...



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